Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to open a Revit Central File

After starting with the very early days of learning a relatively unknown software at the time, I thought I was (and to an extent, still consider myself)  a pioneer of Revit.

We worked on very early early forms of the internet, and communicated with unknown means... called forums (namely zoogdesign) and blogs (shameless plug).

We were searching for a new way of drawing lines, arcs and circles.
My re-awakening of this blog will be a relearning and re-awakening of my passion of software that I started to tire of after using it as a mundane tool that, at the time I never thought I would grow tired/bored of.

Stage 1.
Opening a file.
Of course I knew the answer to this....
But I didn't....
The usual prescribed method (hence the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme) was creating a local copy of the central file....through windows explorer, so that I could have a structured folder history of my local files.

I NEVER thought I would be set in my ways, to the degree that I would implement this within a team.

Autodesk has kept moving with the times and I unfortunately got stuck with a tried and trusted method.

When creating your local copy, just open the Central file (if it is not a Revit Server file). 
Make sure you select the "Create New Local" button.

It creates a very nice (clean) un-corrupted local file. 
You can even save your project central locations to your short cuts.
To new Revit users, this may seem standard practice, but to "OLD" Revit users, this will change the way you start looking at your files.

..........The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is..............

More to come.

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