Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RAC 2012 update available

New build, Improvements made in Update 2 build (20110916_2132) available for download.

Here’s the link to the update.

Update enhancement snip from Autodesk:

Improvements made in Update 2 build (20110916_2132):
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012 Enhancements
·         Regenerates Stair and Railing after making adjustments in Edit Baluster Placement or Edit Rail Placement dialogs and selecting the Apply button.
·         Improves the regeneration of a detail number, within an elevation view on a sheet, when the detail number is updated within the properties palette.
·         Improves stability when switching the visibility setting of linked file from By Linked View to By Host View.
·         Corrects Ambient Shadow on objects which are contained within a mirrored linked file.
·         Improves the import of IFC files which contain overlapping walls.
·         Improves stability when exporting a project to DXF which contains a dimension style that is referenced more than 255 times within the project.
·         Corrects the resolution of the background image when calculating offset and scale.
·         Corrects duplicate column creation when using Create columns by Grid when some columns are already created on the grid.
·         Improves stability when setting a view to Realistic display mode.
·         Improves stability when navigating in 3D view after canceling a Print operation.
·         Corrects silhouette display for perspective views in projects with linked files.
·         Corrects the angle of Photometric Web based light sources when exported to FBX.
·         Retains the original IES files when exporting to FBX.
·         Reduces the scenarios where element IDs may become remapped or removed when Synchronizing to Central.
·         Improves stability when removing layers from floors, roofs and walls.
·         Corrects gbXML export of curtain walls where window openings were classified as air opening when using simple complexity mode.
·         Improves stability when accessing Help.
·         Corrects mapping of Cable Tray, Cable Tray Fittings, Conduit and Conduit Fittings when exported to IFC.
·         Improves the consistency of beams being unique objects when exported to IFC.
·         Improves the placement of slabs when exported to IFC.
·         Improves the creation of beams, such as length, when imported from IFC.
·         Disables switching to 3D view if current view only is set when exporting to IFC.
·         Enables the export of filled regions to IFC.
·         Enables mass based curtain panels and mullions to be individual elements when exported to IFC.
·         Enables Structural Columns to be exported to IFC.
·         Allows elements hidden by category to be ignored when project is exported to IFC.
·         Enables Unicode support for both Import and Export of families.
·         Changes setting for “Export views on sheets and links as external references” to be enabled when exporting to DGN.
·         Allows exporting to DWFx if the view is blank.
·         Improves stability when exporting to DWG.
·         Improves the export of custom wall hatch patterns to DWG.
·         Improves stability after displaying a warning message.
·         Enables the use of Family Parameter when using the Material Browser Paint tool.
·         Improves stability when modifying part assemblies.
·         Improves stability when working within the Phases dialog.
·         Improves placement of linked point clouds based upon their origin.
·         Improves stability when printing to PDF in batch mode.
·         Improves stability when saving a family into the same folder as the type catalog.
·         Improves stability when upgrading projects.
·         Improves stability when setting a workset from Editable to non-Editable.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speed up Sync with Central

After you have gone through the usual lists of reducing file size, working to the prescribed methods of "Synching" and it is stll taking longer than you want, add a quick step before you Synchronizing with Central to save you time when you are ready to dash out of work at the end of the day, (Or during the day if you are tired of waiting for your computer)

Most Revit users will know this trick, but if you don't here goes....
Close hidden windows, before synchronizing.

The more windows you have open the longer the Synch will take.
You will notice the "hidden windows" generate graphics while the file is updating, if you have multiple files open.

Give it a try...