Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do wishes come true???

Well…..I know for a fact that in Revit they do.

I have been very excited on previous releases to see wishes I have requested, added to the Revit program.

If you have a logical wish for the developers to consider, log into AUGI and submit your wish.

A snip from the AUGI mail received….

It is time to vote!

AUGI Members, it is time once again to let Autodesk know what you would like to see in future releases of AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. Each year, AUGI members submit suggestions to improve their beloved software. AUGI volunteer experts then take these wishes, review them, clarify them, and if needed, reach out to the submitter for clarification to get them ready for you. Then we develop a ballot and hand it over to you! This time around there are 85 wishes for AutoCAD and 65 for Revit Architecture.

Does your vote matter?  YES IT DOES.”

There is also a you tube movie by Shaan Hurley showing wishes that have come true.

Wishes Come true

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