Monday, April 26, 2010

AutoCad Architecture…. (Not Revit related)

I am helping out at a firm that uses ACA 2010. nausea1

So I am dusting off my cobwebs to try and remember tools that I thought I wouldn’t have to try and remember again.

This won’t become an ACA blog….I promise…but I switched on ACA this morning to see that my ribbon tabs were not displaying.

So on my quick search on AUGI, I found a quick solution:

Solution by “cadstorm” :

“To fix this, type 'cui' to open the 'Customize User Interface' window.
Make sure you are on the customize tab (should be default)
Make sure the top left window is expanded (the Customizations in All Files window)
Scroll to the very top and right-click 'ACA'
Then select 'Reset ACA.CUIX'
Click 'Continue' on the pop up window.
Then I had to close and re-open AutoCAD for the ribbon to reappear.”

……..funny, I have never had to worry about this in Revit.

K E E P  R E V I T I N G !!!

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