Monday, April 05, 2010

2011 … where to start

Wow, another Autodesk cycle has occurred. I have stopped working in years but rather in Autodesk releases. So that puts me in the year 2011.

Instead of the usual ramblings of the new features of the fantastic Revit Suites for their 2011 release, I have compiled a list of the best blogs I have found detailing all of the latest features.

For the older Revit users, I could easily compare this to the excitement I had when Revit 7.1 was released. For even older Autodesk supporters, this is the jump from AutoCad v10 to v 12 or even 2000 from v10.

Blogs to read for the latest Revit features:

  • David Light was first off the bat with his blog revit.blogspot, clearly David and I share the same Revit passion, although he spent A LOT more time documenting most of the new features. If you have not made David’s blog part of your morning coffee read, be sure to add it.
  • Gregory Arkin from Florida, USA (bimboom.blogspot) also posted the full list of what’s new in Revit Architecture2011
  • Inside the factory posted a great link about all of the new unveiled Revit products, also linking to David’s blog.
  • As always Steve Stafford provides an unending insight into the world of Revit on his blog which has become a daily ritual to the insight of everything that is Revit for me on a daily basis. Be sure to read this post

In their quest to publish Mastering Revit 2011 be sure to check out Phil Read’s blog where you are sure to find info relating to Revit and the latest technology trends (as well as cool Apple apps and products)

Lastly for my first real post (in the AutoDesk year 2011…furthermore known as AD2011) be sure to read the AUGI-EDGE magazine. This is a real resource of information and I would like to thank Steve Stafford for making me seem more intelligent than I am with his patience and editorial prowess, with the article I submitted. (Cheers Steve, that’s 2 beers I owe you now)

To everyone that is on subscription….enjoy the Revit 2011 journey!!!

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