Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last post for 2009

This is my last post for 2009, I would like to thank everyone that has read this blog over the last year.

2009 has brought many new blogs, my favourite new blog of the year would be Zach Kron’s Buildz blog. Practical notes on making Impractical things. If you haven’t had a chance to read his blog yet…click HERE.

Again through 2009, Steve Stafford’s Revit OpEd has been a wealth of information, another blog that I have subscribed to is Arch | Tech Design + Technology, by Phil Read, James Van & Eddy Krygiel. It is a fascinating & thoroughly entertaining blog.

Revit Implementation has had 142 475 visits since starting the blog, thank you once again.

This blog still comes up first in Google when you search for “ Revit Implementation” …yeah!!!!


visit chart

Monthly Site visits for 2009, maintained pretty stable. I am not sure what happened in July though.


On doing a Sitemeter check on the last 100 visits, it is plain to see how blogging is such an international means of communication, making our village that little bit smaller with technology.

I have had such a busy year this year, with training and implementing Revit, not only locally, but in destinations I would never had imagined a few years ago. From Botswana to Mauritius, thank you to all of the new friends I have made this year.

Happy Holidays to everyone and may 2010 bring all your hopes and wishes to reality.



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Archigops said...

Hi Mike,

Wish you a happy new year 2010 and hope to see you soon in Mauritius for another fruitful training session at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

thanks again,

Soondyren Gopaulen