Wednesday, December 02, 2009

AU Virtual Day 1 Feedback

I got myself prepared for a late night in with the time zone difference.

The opening keynote was well worth the wait. Autodesk has put a lot into making AU Virtual a brilliant way for people that cannot make it to Vegas, feel like they are there. Apparently there were over 16 000 people connected from around the world watching

With the rolling Twitter feeds and ability to ask questions and get live answers was very well done. One specific tweet was particularly funny, someone said that they were watching the opening address while doing their laundry.

Gripes: My internet speed was really not that great. My live videos buffered most of the time. While this was very frustrating, it was still worth waiting for the videos to stream.

First class scheduled was Steve’s Autodesk Revit Collaboration: Shared Coordinates for Projects Big and Small.

A few minutes into the presentation, the sound went all crazy. After that,poor Steve must have been sitting on the ctrl-V buttons although he had even mentioned that there was a sound problem, he received about 50 questions asking what was up with the sound. I was going to wait for the next session, with better sound quality but enjoyed it enough to hang in there. Good session Steve !!!!

All in all it was a worthwhile exercise, that will be improved on. This is a great step in the right direction, but the bad thing is, you see what you are missing. Maybe AU2010 for me?

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