Tuesday, October 06, 2009

RAC 2010 - Speedy UI

Here is a great one from AUGI, by Martin P

He has created a shortcut menu for Revit, which is activated with the windows key+z

You can download the exe file from AUGI (HERE).

Great shortcuts !!!




Martin said...

Hi Mike, Martin P having a look at your site, well worth a browse around :) And thanks for the thumbs up! - I am planning something a bit more with this menu thingy. I have combined it with "strokeit" mouse gesture software to open each of the flyouts individually - for example, hold right click and mouse down a little will open the modify flyout only, hold right and mouse up will open the annotate flyout etc.... have got it going in the office and... well... its really, really fast! not quite ready to post it just yet, working out a couple of glitches with the edit and finish sketch. Am thinking of doing a full set of all commands, but for the moment I have just kept it to the most commonly used ones I find myself reaching up for. Its really easy to to do though from the file I have posted you can work out the logic of it and move things about and add/remove to the menu as you please.

Mike Hardy-Brown said...

Excellent, thanks Martin.
Please keep me posted.