Friday, September 11, 2009

RevUp Render

These guys have come up with a fantastic Revit service!!!!

This is an excerpt from their webpage:

“RevUp Render provides access to an advanced Super Computer to use to run Revit® from anywhere in the world. You can quicky remote connect and activate your licence of Revit® within 5-10 minutes. Once your RevUp Render account is created and setup then you will have your own personal super computer that you can access from anywhere in the world. You will be rendering images or a walk-throughs in lightning speed within minutes.”

Definitely worth a look, go to


David Kingham said...

I could build at least 3 very high end rendering machines for their 40 hour package, hardware is super cheap anymore. They need to re-look their business plan as these prices are way too high.

David Kingham said...

Quick update on this...RevUpRender contacted me directly and has clarified where the value is in their product, Ry admitted that their website needs more information to clarify how they provide a superior service. They use server grade hardware and the technology sounds very impressive. We will be running tests on our own files to see if we can drop our rendering times by at least 1/4, maybe even more