Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Revit 2010

So from first impressions, I gulped LOUDLY!!!
I could already hear the complaints starting......
My opinion ( for what it's worth) is the following.....
Different : Why change the UI to ribbon technology? I was able to "see" my old UI in my sleep. When teaching Revit, I could click away without even looking at the screen.
This got me grumpy, but after working on the new UI for a while, things kind of fell into place.
I found myself using a LOT more keyboard shortcuts, so that I do not have to search for my regularly used tools (Dimensions for example: DI, or text: TX)
Do I think Autodesk has made progress by investing all this time into the new UI: NO
Do I think Revit is better for it: NO
Do I think that the wishlist was brushed off: YES
Do I like the new UI: Strangely (and as it seems not to be the trend) YES
I like to look at the UI as if I was seeing the it for the first time. As I spend a lot of time teaching people how to use Revit, I do feel that new users will find it MUCH easier to learn. I feel that old users are going to find buttons and functions they didn't know existed, after they are finished ranting about the changed UI.

Revit has lost the mystique of a new kind of way to model...with buzzwords like BIM and alike, being relatively new concepts when Revit was initially introduced. This is now the norm.

If I could compare the UI from when I first started on Revit (v5), Revit was like a quaint row of sweet shops in a forgotten little village street. Revit is now like a huge mall, full of flashy department stores with icons that resemble fake smiles.

Another comparison could be respraying an old car without fixing the fundamental flaws, such as the smoking engine or failing brakes or heaven forbid...the flux capacitor.

So here is hoping that with this new flashy interface complete, the factory will now be free to focus on the fundamental wish list to get the engine, brakes and hopefully the flux capacitor working again.

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