Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Results are in ....Revit Training

Revit Training - What is important to you?
1 person thought the "Flashy Certificate" was of utmost importance.
18 preferred a "Competent trainer".
My Revit trainer : needs training 5, was brilliant 6, was me, self taught 8.

Both polls had 19 votes each. I was quite happy to see the flashy certificate did not feature as the most important factor in Revit training. What is a bit concerning, is that 68% of people that voted, have not received proper training.

mmmm Possibly another poll to determine this, the possibility of training being so time consuming may feature highly.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Revit Training Survey

Please take a look at my surveys, I would like to know what people prefer when learning a new software program.
  • Is the flashy certificate more important than the quality of the trainer.
  • Is it more important that the trainer knows what they are talking about, rather than a puppet standing in front of a class, reading material you could have found on the web for free.
  • Please also rate the training you have received.
Comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

TurboSquid Revit Family survey

TurboSquid is opening up its marketplace to accommodate Revit families. They are conducting a survey to determine the best way to arrange the marketplace to be most useful to you.

Survey participants will be eligible for their Beta program, to be launched in a few weeks.

To participate, click on this LINK