Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Revit Elevation line types - Throw away the glass

Revit Elevations are great, quick and automatically generated. Then you hear the shouting start. In AutoCad I use layers to distinguish between objects further and closer, by assigning colours.

So the quick Revit answer was ...use your linework tool.
Then another solution was draw in glass walls, cutting through your project, then hide these, then, then, then. So this seems a bit of a way around.
I tried playing around with Override Graphics in View (By Element)
Go to your elevation select the objects ( in this case walls). select objects set back, Override Graphics in View (By Element) you can go for the quick option of halftone here, or change your projection line weight thickness, you may even want to use shades of grey.

Similarly, you could then beef up the line weight of objects closer, also by Override Graphics in View (By Element) and change your projection line weight thickness.

Quick solution.

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Chris said...

This is similar to the approach I take. I'll generally switch to my 3D view orietate it to match my elevation or section, then switch to a top down elevation and select all elements beyond a certain line where I wan't to change the linestyle.

Then simply switch back to my elevation or section view (all the items will still be selected) and override the graphics and half tone them.

Sounds like more work than it is, but makes the views much more readable...