Thursday, July 12, 2007

Learn Revit

So how do you learn to use Revit don't.
As with any programme, learning a new language or new skill, it requires patience and more importantly practice.
There are so many resources to learn from, that it gets confusing as to which one you want to use.
In a nutshell, use them all.
See the other Revit blogs listed in my Revit links. These guys are so comitted to imparting's scary!!!!!!!
A very good way of getting Revit info is by setting a google alert, where you receive an e-mail whenever someone has mentioned Revit on the web.
I have also added the Revit News Bar below....
Click on Revit, Autodesk & BIM to see the latest news.


Daryl Gregoire said...

Hi Muke,

I enjoy your views and your resources.

You can speed up your learning process by viewing some of the REVIT training videos I produce at It could save you many hours of reading and frustration.

Daryl Gregoire said...

Sorry for the typo....Mike.