Friday, July 13, 2007

Learn Revit................continued

I was amazed to see this invaluable Revit resource, in movie format.
Go to
Learn how to make custom Revit families, Detail components and Keynotes, just to name a few.
Also Be sure to check out his Revit Blog , RevitRocks.
Daryl Gregoire has imparted with SO much FREE Revit knowledge.
There are also AutoCad training CADClips.
Both links are also at my Revit links
Nice Daryl..........

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Learn Revit

So how do you learn to use Revit don't.
As with any programme, learning a new language or new skill, it requires patience and more importantly practice.
There are so many resources to learn from, that it gets confusing as to which one you want to use.
In a nutshell, use them all.
See the other Revit blogs listed in my Revit links. These guys are so comitted to imparting's scary!!!!!!!
A very good way of getting Revit info is by setting a google alert, where you receive an e-mail whenever someone has mentioned Revit on the web.
I have also added the Revit News Bar below....
Click on Revit, Autodesk & BIM to see the latest news.

Free Revit Manuals

OK, so here it is.
The guys and gals at Autodesk were so kind to give us amazing manuals. Well over 1000 pages.....
So how good are they? Well have a look for yourself. If you have Revit, you have these manuals.
Go to C:\Program Files\Revit Architecture 2008\Program

In 9.1 I found a bit more.....

THANKS REVIT GUYS......................................

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't use Revit

This was a topic that has brought me back to blogging.

I was at a friends luncheon last weekend, where I was introduced to another architect.
I really couldn't remember his name.
Immediately he was on the attack, " you're the Revit guy" this was obviously the common link that my friend had introduced us.
"Um...I suppose so...yes" I was enjoying a nice glass of red wine, the last thing I felt like doing was defend a computer programme.
"Well Revit can't do details..."
"Really?" I replied, "so exactly how long have you been working on Revit"
For some reason I had jumped on the offence?
"I got a demo CD, and there are no standard windows and you can't detail. I am an ArchiCad user and someone would have to show me how Revit works better"

I think he was expecting a response like:
" How did I not recognise that you were LeCorbusier and your firm was so important. I will be there on monday to run you through the entire of charge, 'cause I just love Revit."
Unfortunately the response came out slightly differently:
He looked kinda shocked that someone said this to him.
I repeated myself:"DON'T USE REVIT....seriously"
This is where I elaborated and the conversation pretty much ended.

"The more people that use Revit, the less of an edge I have on the market, it suits me that you are on an old version of ArchiCad that you don't even know how to use properly"

There is nothing more irritating than an uneducated opinion. By receiving a demo CD and thinking that you are going to just get it started doesn't say much about you.
Revit owes you nothing, don't expect things to be done automatically.

Something I have said in my training sessions, Microsoft word will not type a love letter for you. You still have to type in the mushy info, why do expect it from Revit?