Wednesday, January 11, 2006

REVIT: To Wrap or not to Wrap

When you want to use the wall wrapping function, specifically for a wall finish or a cavity wall make sure you do the following:
Wall Finish Wrap
Move the wall finishes outside of the boundaries.

Change the function to Finish 1 & Finish 2, so that you can manipulate the line thicknesses if need be.
You would obiously adjust the material and material thickness.
You have a separate function for wraps, by default when you insert new wall layers these will check the “wrap box”
Make sure that the Default wrapping is adjusted to how you want the wall to behave.
I usually set the “At inserts” to Both. This means that for example if you insert a window/door, the wrap will take both finishes around the end to meet at a specific point.

The “Ends” Exterior wrapping means that you will wrap it on the Exterior face of the wall.

Cavity Wall Wrap
Move the wall finishes and wall structures to the outside of the boundaries. Repeat the above process.
The dialogue box will look like this:

Insert wrap

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