Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bit of a background

While I was rummaging around on AUGI I stumbled upon blogging.

What a fantastic concept. I have found competent Revit users to be so giving of their time and knowledge on forums like AUGI and our locally based Techforum .

Bit of a background (as this seems to be a norm)

I started working on AutoCad v12 while I was studying Architectural Technology, I was amazed to see what I could do, and how quickly I could churn out student projects on my 486 DX 66 pc.

While I was doing my internship at a local architect (where only the select few got to use ACad), drawing out brick courses for multi-storey buildings on a drawing board, making copies for the Cad guys on the ammonia plotter and other menial tasks, I decided to move on to another company who was more involved with housing construction & Project Management. I completed the Project Management Diploma moved onto site with a laptop and a South African based drawing programme.

As the challenge became less, I moved on to more exciting fields. This is where I started working properly on AutoCad. I then found myself fascinated with all of the latest software trends, specifically in the Architectural market.

I was working in the Architectural dept. of a national bank, and jumped in as they were amalgamating with four other banks and redesigning the way ahead in corporate identity.

This is where I was also first exposed to Architectural Desktop.

As I am sure most people in this industry do, I was churning out my own private jobs at night working on fantastic 3d utilities and renders.

Once again the challenge was dissipating and I moved completely out of the Architectural field.

Big mistake, So I jumped back in head first at a company where I had to redraw a large campus and was responsible for all of the facilities management rental calculations etc.

Here I was introduced to Revit. Wow, I needed to be more involved in this programme.

I was offered a position at Cadplan a local reseller, where I would be involved in implementation and technology dept. specifically testing the boundaries of Revit.

I have trained a plethora of Revit Fundamentals courses to the point of feeling like a performing monkey on a week to week basis.

We were fortunate to have received Revit Training from

Tatjana Dzambazova, Ian Howard and Phil Read.

Subsequent to this training I then started to concentrate on Revit Implementation.

I have successfully implemented Revit at many Architectural firms as seen in our success stories.

I hope this blog will benefit anybody who might be interested in Implementing Revit.

I will be posting (quite often the lighter side) of Revit Implementation Stories, both successful and unsuccessful.

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